Peer Review Process

  • The researcher must have a Ph.D.or Master's degree.
  • The research or study should not be part of the doctoral or master’s thesis submitted by the researcher or part of a previously published book, and the researcher pledges that the research or study has not been previously published.
  • The number of research or study pages shall not be less than 35 pages and not more than 50 pages.
  • The search is submitted through the system that is written in the form of a book (the distance between the lines is 18 cm, the space between paragraphs 0.1 cm and the beginning of the paragraph 0.5 cm, font size 12 (Ahab subhead), main heading 23, side heading 14, and the margins are written in 8 fonts.
  • The size of the paper is 17.5 * 25 cm, the page margin is 2.5, the head is 205 cm, and the tail is 2.5 cm.
  • The search shall be accompanied by the researcher's data (name - address - telephone - e-mail).
  • The research will not be published until after its publication has been accepted by 2 arbitrators from specialized professors (professor’s degree) in accordance with the established arbitration rules.
  • Researches are submitted directly to the secretariat of the Journal committee in the association (16 Ramses Street - Cairo).
  • The paper is then sent to two reviewers based on their qualifications, specialty and expertise. A double-blind review is used where both reviewers and the author remain and reviewers are anonymous. This prevents bias.